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how to live in the moment

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It is old advice to live now because now is the only time you will ever live. Embrace this moment because it is the only one in reach. But the advice resonates only so deeply with me. I find many nows made for trading, worthy of giving up for what I can get later.

To this cliche

Oliver Burkeman

Four Thousand Weeks (2021)

Time Management for Mortals

by Oliver Burkeman

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Highly recommend to anyone interested in reading about time management. This book has a radical message for you: give up hope. You’re never going to finish. Relearn what it means to spend your time well. You have very little of it and your anxiety about not wasting it is founded on bad assumptions and impossible standards.

I’d rate this book higher if I had learned more from it. I’ve thought lots about time management.

Sometimes I feel like Burkeman allows himself doubtful claims, but his ideas are interesting and useful nonetheless. His writing is good, but

not great


I enjoyed his anecdotes and references to other works. The idea of pre-clock life blew my mind. I hadn’t thought about the relationship between clocks, time, industrialization, and wage-labor. A great example of fundamental paradigms we don’t question. Pure ideology!

adds a darker harmony with a note of his own. You will never make the most of your time. It is painfully short and any bid for optimal use of it is doomed. Suddenly the original cliche is not about changing your attitude but about accepting that you get what you get. The task is not about settling, but about admitting defeat. Time rules you and the freest you can get is by giving up the fight.