The two young guys standing at the counter had brought in an old Honda Civic for a pre-purchase inspection, and Amir had found several issues with it. They wanted a printed proof of the inspection so they can get on their way but Amir doesn’t want to give them anything with his shop’s name.

I fail inspections and then people give me bad reviews on Google. All the dealerships in this area hate me! That car right there is from the dealership. I drive it around and when it gets hot, it goes b-b-boom. They tell me, come on, just pass it. They tell me no, no, no, I say no, no, no.

The two guys smile and nod.

A guy brought me a car that passed an inspection and I failed it! I called the guy and told him he’s lucky he brought it to me! I told him this, this, this, and you are lucky because they would take your license away. And he said oh thank you, thank you so much. Next day I see a bad review on Google. Ah you think I don’t know what that is?

More silent nodding.

Because of my job, I have to be honest! If I pass the inspection, peoples lives depend on it, and they take the car out and – boom! They tell me to pass the inspection, but I have to be honest, I don’t care.

I wanna ask him whether he’s watched Seinfeld and tell him about the episode where Jerry agonizes over falling out with his mechanic, the only honest mechanic in New York.

When I’m up at the counter paying, I see a sign on the wall that says his shop has been “serving the community since 1997.” I tell him I was one year old then.

You were one year old? Now you are a man! And back then, I was like you! Now! I am old!