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That Will Never Work (2019)

The Birth of Netflix and the Amazing Life of an Idea

by Marc Randolph

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I wasn’t particularly satisfied with Randolph’s writing skills, but the book made for an entertaining 1st person account of the birth of Netflix.

Compared to memoirs like


and Becoming, this book doesn’t paint a vivid image of what it was like to be the author at a particular part of their life.

Moreover, as a reader, I feel like I’m hearing Randolph reminisce and indulge casually about his time as Netflix CEO and President. He muses somewhat lazily about lessons one can take away from his experiences. I think the author could’ve asked himself bolder, more incisive questions about himself and his role at Netflix. Even though I found the book interesting and enjoyable, I am left feeling that Randolph relied too much on the success of Netflix to make this book worth while.