This is straight up white American masculinity porn. Is pornaganda a word?

Not even the black man, no matter how manly, can threaten the strong, white man; even if put in charge by the powers that be. (F*ck you, affirmative action.) An honourable way to concede to the manlier man is to self-sacrifice for a principle. There’s space for the powerful black man in a supporting role, as a weapon.

The American military is the closest thing in a federal state that can fulfill the call of masculinity, but it remains morally inferior to rugged, principled individuality. But in the end it doesn’t matter if the state fools the man and leaves him to die because the man does not die.

And of course there’s the woman. Another mirror to augment masculinity. She is wild and unmanageable and it’s not because of a language barrier; it’s because she responds only to the manliest of men, the one that seeks her attention the least, the one who speaks only to have his words heeded. But ultimately he will protect her and she will not dare betray him.

If we had any doubts about whether we could conquer the other man and the woman, they are settled without much effort. The challenge is in besting a brutal, cold-blooded killing machine (with dreadlocks? lol). This alien-machine hybrid collects human skulls and strokes them with something that resembles affection… the closest this murderous predator can get to caring for others, what with its relentless need to dominate and subjugate.. hmm…

Can technology be the thing that finally dominates the indomitable man, makes him impotent in even the slightest way? Or are his muscles just too bulging, his voice too deep, his jaw too chiseled?