It is a movie about him, but it is told through her. It is a story about his failure to connect with others.

He wants to be loved and appreciated but he can’t even be kind to his own mother. He corrects his loved ones relentlessly for petty things. He grills his girlfriend through silences that unnerve him for what she might be thinking quietly. He compensates for his gaping sense of worth with partners that he tries to control and possess. He tortures himself endlessly for all the rejection he has faced, mentally wandering through the hallways of his old high school where he walked alone and was mocked from a distance. He recoils to affectionate touch and mutters bitterly about how little recognition he’s gotten. He cowers and attacks like a wounded animal. Resent eats him alive.

And I love how this movie shows all of this. The story first appears to be about a particular relationship that he ruined early on, but then it turns into the story about all the relationships he lost at the hands of his insecurities that lived and grew inside him. Eventually, the obsessive, alienated part of him overtakes the talented, human part of him and he is permanently isolated.